1. Judy rowan says: | Reply

    Bliss! Heard & saw Owen with diesel at dandenong sept – what an ultra cool brilliant fusion of musical styles – out of this world!!

  2. Michelle says: | Reply

    Hi Owen, Just listening to my new CD “The Pilgrim” & have to say that you write extraordinary lyrics, have a rich & unique voice, & your guitar playing skills are outstanding !!! Have seen you supporting Diesel, in solo gigs, and in your album launch band … you certainly have the room mesmerised at times & rocking at times. All ages are in awe of you. Keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Mahendra says: | Reply

    Hi owen,
    Ur one of the most gifted musician/songwriter I have ever heard. Wow those lyrics …I mean really wow … Mean old devil and futile god …I can really feel it…Keep up ur gud work…and please do tour in US

  4. Bernie says: | Reply

    Hi There, Just wanting to know how i can get the full version of remember to breathe by Owen Campbell? Absolutly LOVE the song.

    Love your style Owen, Keep up the good work mate.

  5. Brad Christensen says: | Reply

    Hey Owen,
    Just have to say you are one of the most incredible guitarist and vocalist I’ve ever heard. The way you play music is really something different. 🙂

    Hope to hear more of your incredible music

  6. Greg Wilson says: | Reply

    You are a truly great performer and thanks for getting me of my arse to buy your Album. Well done on AGT I hope you go all the way and pocket the money.

  7. Waz Porter says: | Reply

    Hi Owen, I really dig you playing a Wazinator stompbox on national TV. I own you one mate. I have a snare model ready for release, I’d like to send you one to try.

    Keep rock’n your special blend of heart felt music, all the best, Waz Porter.

  8. Margarette Hill says: | Reply

    Hi Owen, I’m Trev and Angus’s mum. Sorry I missed you at the NFF. I’ve been a bit of a folky for the last few years when I can get away from work. You always were a talent but you are world class now. The judges on “Austratia has talent” need their egoes stroking (it’s all about them). You don’t need them, stay true to yourself. The jurney is much more important than the destination:-)If ever you need a roof you are welcome. Trev & family are just down the road and Angi & family 1/2 an hour away. Ive bought a CD my address is where to send it. Take care and stay happy. Margarette

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